New to gluten free cooking?

If you are new to the scary world of gluten-free cooking there is a few things you will want to know. If others in your house eat gluten be very careful of cross contamination (eg: peanut butter used for wheat bread).  Some things contain gluten you wouldn’t normally think of here is a short list of those things : Soy sauce, pre-made broth, bullion cubes, beer, modified corn starch, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, barley malt, grain alcohol and even some pop, candy and chocolate.

Basics for baking you will need:

Xanthan gum, cornstarch, tapioca flour/starch, potato starch, rice flour, GF (gluten-free) baking soda, GF baking powder, GF vanilla extract and gluten-free corn flakes.

I would like to encourage anyone on a GF diet to make your pizza dough, cookies, banana bread, and yes even perogies:) its fresher and far cheaper than buying the stuff in the freezer isle. I have a pizza crust recipe that calls for rice flour that maybe costs 2$ to make a large pizza crust but to buy it in the store is 10$ for frozen frisbees that don’t taste good!  Some things are worth it like bread, I have not yet been successful in my GF bread making. you also don’t need to  splurge on GF tortillas if you read the ingredient list on the Corn flour ones a lot are gluten-free (although if you are diagnosed celiac it may not be worth the risk as it isn’t a dedicated factory). If I am strapped for cash I like to find inventive ways to replace gluten in my meal. For example if we are having burgers I will used Living lettuce  or romaine lettuce as the bun (saves the waistline too:) ).

I have gotten a lot of friction from family about this diet and I know how hard it is to explain. I have not had my scope test (going in for it in 3 weeks) so they assume I don’t have a problem.  So when I go out to their house for dinner they cook what ever they like and say it is GF but after I get home I down for the count. I am hoping the results of this scope might clarify things, although I never wanted to get it as it is unpleasant and I have to eat gluten for 2-3 weeks and it is painful. anyone else had this scope? any suggestion advice for me? does it hurt?

Dont be afraid to ask a lot of questions about what you are being fed, its your health and sometimes its just not worth the pain!

I hope this was helpful lots of recipes to come:)


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  1. mamabuckwheat said,

    March 3, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    Love it! Good for you for starting this, helping others with similar issues and having a creative outlet.

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