how to bake a cake …

ok so this isnt actually a recipe but anyone with kids should get a chuckle out of this:) it is pretty funny, i am not sure who the origonal author is?

How to bake a cake

Turn on the oven

Get out a bowl, spoons and ingredients

Grease the cake pan

Crack the nuts

Remove 18 blocks and 7 toy cars from the kitchen table

Measure 2 cups of flour

Remove Joey’s hands from the flour and wash his hands

Measure one more cup of flour to replace the flour on the floor

Put the flour, baking powder and salt in a sifter

Get out the dust pan and sweep up pieces of the bowl which Joey knocked on the floor

Get another bowl

Answer the doorbell

Return to the kitchen and remove Joey’s hands from the bowl

Wash Joey

Get out eggs

Answer the phone


Take out the greased pan

Remove pinch of salt from the pan

Look for Joey

Get another pan and grease it

Answer the phone again

Return to the kitchen and find Joey

Remove the grimy hands from the bowl

Wash off the shortening

Take up greased pan and find ¼ inch of nut shells in it

Head for Joey who flees knocking bowl off the table on to the kitchen floor

Wash the table

Wash the walls

Wash the floor

Wash the dishes

Call the bakery

Lie down



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