healthy and yummy:)

after a very busy weekend I had not cooked a good warm meal in a few days so i decided to attempt stuffed chicken. …. it was a bit of an experiment and it was great!

To start   roast Garlic  and red peppers in the oven (350) with just a drizzle of oil.

When fully roasted scoop out cooked garlic and mash in a bowl (set a side). Cut up peppers into strips. in t separate bowl mix goat chevre and spinach (creme cheese could work too)

Take out your boneless skin less chicken breast and place between 2 pieces of parchment paper and smash them untill they are thin. Then spread the mashed roasted garlic over the one side. then add a few strips of pepper, and  the cheese and spinach.

then roll up the chicken so that the filling will stay in and use skewers to hold it together.

place on a pan drizzle with a little oil and season with salt and pepper and italian seasoning.

bake in oven until chicken is fully cooked and serve:)

I served this with roasted Veg.

I of corse have tons of ketchup on my plate… but that because I LOVE ketchup 🙂

Roasted Veg is quiet simple:

peeled and chopped: parsnips, beets, carrots and yam

red onion, and whole garlic

add all to a roasting pan and add oil, season with salt and pepper,

when almost done add chopped up zucchini. I love roasted veg in the winter its soo good:) My kids love it tooo!!!!


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