Healthy meatballs

Since I have 2 kids most of my cooking is for them. I am always trying ways to add extra veggies when ever I can. This recipe “hides” tons of veggies in it. I do believe kids should see and eat their veggies but I like to add more nutrition and eat a little less meat (as most of us eat far too much).

to start I added

about 7 baby carrots

1 pepper

half a red onion

3 cloves of garlic

a bowl of fresh spinach i wilted in the microwave

put it all in the food processor untill blended, add to about 1.5 lbs of bison (or beef)

add an egg and enough bread crumbs ( I used a bread that had sunflower seed and flax, this gave it a nice crunch and texture) and rice flour  to hold it together and season with salt and pepper.

form into balls and place on a pan. cook in a 350 degree oven  for 30 min or until compleatly cooked.

I added these to my spaghetti and tomato sauce, yum!

and my daughter ate every last bite:)….. you’ll never know they are half veggies

Warning these are very filling but packed with nutrition!!!


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