boiled potato, mashed potato, baked potato.

When I grew up that’s all potatoes were, boiled, mashed or baked. Served plain  and needed mountains of ketchup!!!

Well luckily that is no longer true  you can do so much with a potato and my favorite is… Roasted!!

Roasted potatoes and any kind of veggie are great if you are home but busy! just cut add seasonings and oil and throw into the oven!!

Garlicy rosemary roasted potatoes!!!

5 medium-sized potatoes (I used yellow fleshed)

small amount of purple onion

5 cloves of garlic (we love our garlic!!!)is a good choice too)

oil (I used safflower but olive oil

about a teaspoon of dried rosemary

salt and pepper to taste

(I also added carrots you can experiment with adding any veggie you wish or just have plain potatoes)

cut up your potatoes add the onion, garlic, oil , salt and pepper.

I added the baby carrots about half way through.

then after about a hour or so depending on the size you cut your potatoes you are ready to ea t:) .

better than boiled potatoes!!!

Kid approved!!


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