Keep things simple!

Having gluten free company?… before you go out and buy all the specialty flours and gluten free  products….. stop for a second, there is no need so spend hundreds of dollars and hours!

Some of the best simple meals out there are gluten free!

for example tonight we had mashed potatoes with frozen veggies and steak… toke me about 20 minutes to make with very few dishes. If your guests are also dairy free just save the potato water and use that instead of milk and butter. Rice is a good one but soy sauce has gluten so be careful of that! Salads are great just be careful of the dressing. Plain roasted, fried, steamed veggies are great gluten-free option. meat with herbs, tofu (read all your packages though), and potatoes or rice are a great way to go with out too much trouble!

For dessert most love fruit salad!

Dont feel like you have to impress gluten-free is hard and a long learning process, keep it simple and you and your guests will be happy 🙂


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