Ode to brown rice

We do not eat white rice in my house.  Brown rice is so much better for you, it has fiber in it and it is a complex carbohydrate, where as white rice is pretty much like munching on a bag of sugar.

Though it does take longer and tastes a little different it is worth it!

Easy way to make it:

2 cups of brown rice rinsed (always rinse your grains!!!)

4 cups of water

a little oil

put all this in the pot then turn to high, when it comes to a boil bring it down to low and cover for about 40-45 min (checking along the way to make sure it isn’t over cooked).

Not too difficult right? now you can play with it and add some flavour!

replace the water with broth and add a few whole cloves of garlic. This is great for those that don’t like soy sauce or if you don’t have any GF soy sauce on hand.


add a small can of coconut milk and amount of water to bring to the right amount of liquid you need. THis makes it nice and creamy and will remind you of white rice 🙂

I hope I have encouraged you to  make some brown rice 🙂


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