Use it up!

I love left overs! There is nothing better than not having to make dinner when you are busy! Or when I am running around with lots of kids I already have lunch made!

The problem with left overs is most find them boring….. well change it slightly:)

Last night we had brown rice with chicken and fresh veggies…

Tonight I used the left over brown rice and made a shrimp fried rice.  We have about 6 bags of shrimp in our freezer because our local grocery store had them on buy one get 3 and I couldn’t pass up buying 120$ worth of shrimp for 40$!!

I thawed the shrimp and fried it in butter and oil, then added frozen veggies, cut up spinach and left over brown rice. Fried it untill everything was heated and cooked. I served it with some steak (surf and turf style). This took less than 10 minutes! Cant beat that!


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