Multi layer lasanga

Lots of veggies in this one!!!! Great lasagna 🙂

Brown rice noodles

soft goat cheese

mild goat cheese


ground beef




fresh herbs

shredded zucchini

shredded carrots

crushed tomatoes

diced tomato

The amounts of each ingredient depend on how much lasagna you plan to make.

Meat layer: fry beef, chopped onion and garlic till cooked.

Cheese layer: wilt spinach in the microwave, squeeze out extra moisture and chop. Add to soft goat cheese

Veggie layer: fry onion, pepper, diced tomato. add shredded zucchini and carrots.


place crushed tomato on bottom of the pan, add noodles, then meat layer, noodles, cheese, veggies,noodles, tomatoes and cheese.

cook at 350 untill noodles are cooked.


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