Eating from home

I am a full supporter of eating local and fresh! And you cannot get more local or fresh then your back yard!!! Thats why this post is dedicated to my garden and all of my friends and family who do their own gardening!

I have to admit I am a beginner at this and I am still learning but I think it is worth the effort! I have 2 children and a very busy schedule, so the idea of taking on a big garden was intimidating but so far it has not been that hard or expensive.

I will let  you in on my secret to cut costs:

The fence (here on our lil island if you have no fence then your just feeding the deer):

The frame is actually made from old pipes from a portable garage, these tend to collapse under snow in the winter and get thrown out. Might not be the prettiest thing ever but its sturdy and works. The door as you may have guessed it actually ends from my daughters old crib (that was recalled we have used pieces of the crib as gates for the out side stairs as well)

Raised beds were made a while ago with wood we were given.

The plants:

From seed! seeds are the cheapest way to go! but if you cannot find the seeds you need (or like me only want one butternut squash) then buy a seedling plant which is very small and cheap.

For happy healthy plants water and feed then regularly! this year I am setting up rain buckets to cut back costs!

I know all this work will be worth it when I am enjoying a fresh salad grown and made all at home 🙂

and the benefits are already paying off…

The first strawberry of the year!!!


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