A filling lighter meal

As some of you know I am taking a boot camp class and the hardest part is finding what to eat before so I dont feel weighed down. This is a great recipe for your vegetarian friends or if your looking for something different.

You need:

2 pieces of bread

smoked tofu

a red pepper ( half sliced for frying half for raw)

1/4 onion (sliced)

handful or 2 of spinach

goat cheese (cheese)

Start with a hot pan with a little sunflower oil, fry onions and peppers until half way done, add smoked tofu (sliced so it looks like a cheese slice) and brown on each side. Take out the tofu and add the spinach and fry till wilted.

I like to make this sandwich with grainy mustard on one slice of bread and Dijon on the other.  add cheese (optional would be great without cheese too), tofu top with fried veg, and any fresh veg you would like.

You can serve this with fresh veggies of your choice, this is a very filling sandwich!!





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