Yes you CAN!!!


I have to admit canning was very intimidating to me! It is actually very easy! Here are a few things you may need (or want):

This is the water bath pot:

This is a rack(? dont know the real name) used to pull cans out if you dont have the thing on the right:

these are some extras that make things much easier! A thing to  pick up lids, a ladle and a funnel.


And of corse you will need jars, lid and rings!

after you have preserved and the seals have popped down you can take the rings of and use for more canning.

It can be hard to find time to can. I just make sure I have it all set up to go and do it when my kids are sleeping. My last batch took a hour to do. I think I made about 150$ worth of jam for maybe 40$?? It will save you so much money!

Here is some of the jam I canned last night:

This year I hope to can pickles, more jam, peaches, pickled carrots and apple sauce.




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