Tofu twice baked potato

So I also made this when my father and law came over and he raved about it! LOVED it! So that was at least a clear win!

You could make this completely vegan by using a vegan cheese.

You need: 5-8 small potatoes or about 4 large potatoes

1pkg of light silken tofu


roasted garlic

salt and pepper to taste


bacon to top

your choice of cheese

bake your potatoes at 350 till done. (wrap in foil and poke holes with a fork)

Take tofu out of the package rinse it and pat it dry. Then blend it untill smooth like sour cream

When you potatoes are done and cooled a little cut them in half. Hollow out the potatoes and put insides  in the tofu.

You will need to roast some garlic, one bulb worth. Add this to your potatoes and tofu and blend well. season with salt and pepper.

stuff your potatoes with  the filling and top with cheese.

bake at 350 untill cheese is melted. (sorry forgot to take a final picture) Top with beacon and chives 🙂 yum!


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