One roast so many meals the third

So here it is (finally), the third recipe using the pulled beef recipe. Forgive the photos my camera died half way through cooking.

jalapeno garlic corn bread:

Make a double batch of corn bread in a bread pan. Allow to cool completely before cutting (the colder the better it will cut)

In a pan place finely chopped jalapeno pepper and a few cloves of garlic and you favorite butter (or alternative).

slice the corn bread and fry until crispy and golden on each side. Serve it with:

Pulled beef chili:

pulled beef

can of black beans

can of kidney beans

can of tomatoes crushed

can of tomatoes diced

can of romano beans

can of white kidney beans

corn (about 1 -2 cobs worth)

hot sauce to taste

jalapeno to taste


few cloves of garlic

salt and pepper

Caramalize garlic and onion then add all ingredients to the pot. Simmer for 1 or more hours, then serve! Easy and so yummy.



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