Gluten free chocolate cake with chocolate ganache

My name is Gavin, Liz’s husband. and for her birthday cake I wanted something extravagant, so with a easy to follow chocolate gf mix I made the cake base…2 mixes if your feeding a bunch of people one if you want something smaller, but keep in mind that you want at least 2 layers.

now with the cake cooling (it must be cold or at least room temp to start “frosting”) start the ganache, ingredients are 1 cup chocolate (higher quality the better) one cup heavy cream or milk + butter or just melted butter, or in my case nondairy creamer with vegan margarine.

there are two popular methods of making the ganache, the first (and my favorite) is to bring the liquid to a simmer (careful not to burn) and pour over the chopped chocolate (in a metal bowl) and mix slowly, as to not introduce air in to the mix.

once fully melted and blended, let sit and cool to room temp if being used at a frosting, or pour over the cake to get absorbed and make a fine glossy finish

if frosting, either use a spatula to smooth mix over the cake, or, in a nice twist bring out an electric mixer and beat the mixture untill lighter in colour and fluffy in texture….and then frost your cake!

(as a bonus i miked fresh raspberry with a bit of ganache and used as a filling in between the layers, then topped the whole thing with raspberry!)

heres what it looked like!


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