dairy free chocolate almond butter cups :)

LOVE these! so simple and so cheap to make! not to mention wont hurt a sesitive sotmach (or someone with a peanut alergy)

So I dont have amounts on this one since I just winged it, here is what you need:

dark chocolate dipping waffers

almond butter

icing sugar











in a double boiler melt the chocolate.









place meltedchocolate in muffin cups, make sure to leave the center empty cool in the fridge. fill with alond butter (about 3/4 almond butter and 1/4 icing sugar) top with chocolate and cool.







freeze extra for those late night cravings!


1 Comment

  1. Kate said,

    October 1, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    Great, now all I want to make is these, even though my kitchen is a mess. Thanks a lot Liz!!!

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