Coconut rice and sweet ginger chicken

I am going to introduce you to something scary……..

Brown rice!!!!! Okay so not very scary but a lot of people  seem to be hessitant of using this over white rice. But brown rice is so much better for you. A great wa t to make brown rice is with coconut milk. This makes it so rich and creamy.


Coconut ginger brown rice:

2 cups brown rice

1 can of coconut milk

enough water added to the coconnut milk to make it 4 cups of liquid

2 tsp- 2 tbsp of ground ginger

In a pot add all the ingredients. Place heat on high. Bring to a boil. Turn heat down to a simmer and cover for about 45 minutes.


Look at the creamy rice! YUM!!!!

Now you need something to go with it…

Sweet ginger chicken:


6 cloves of garlic minced

1 medium onoin minced

2 inches of grated ginger

(more ground ginger if you need more)

1/4 cup soy sauce,

1/4 cup water

2-4 tbsp honey


6-9 Chicken thieghs cubed

3 large handfulls of snap peas (of about 1 -2 cups frozen peas)


Mix all sauce ingredients together. Add chicken. Marinade for 20 minutes. In a hot pan add a little oil, then add chicken and sauce. Cook at med-high untill chicken is cooked. Add a little corn starch if you would like a thicker sauce.

Add peas. turn heat off when the peas are cooked.

serve on top of your coconut rice 🙂 Enjoy!!



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