The deal

In my house I do pretty much all the house hold work since I work out of the home. Lately things have been pilling up on me, as I work 4 days a week on top of being a full-time stay at home mom. I also do all the shopping, finances, cleaning, cooking, lunches for school, dressing the kids, bathing them and bedtime. It is a lot to fit into a 24 hour day.

Recently my Doctor told me I was anemic, and having a few other things going on because I have been neglecting myself in order to keep the household afloat. This is a problem I think most moms can relate to. It’s not something we do on purpose, it just kind of happens…. I forget to do things for myself. There have been days at 2 in the afternoon I have been starving and thought, ‘why am I hungry I ate a sandwich’ … then I will look down and see the almond butter I pulled out to make the sandwich I never got around to making and thus never ate.

Lets just say I am learning my lesson!

My goals for my self are to:

write my blog regularly

write in my cook book at least twice a week

have a regular excercise routine

spend less time in the kitchen and cleaning and more time with my kids (and not having to clean at 11pm as a trade-off)

get a few hours a week for me, reading, walks, tea with a friend

oh yes and eat regularly!


These may not be super glamorous things but you’d be amazed how much they change your life.

So the deal  my hubby and I made is this: he now has more responsibility around the house. He makes dinner 3 (yes three!!) nights a week. I am also working on him doing bedtime… that one will be harder since with me they go to sleep in 20 min with my hubby it can be over 2-3 hours.

This great joy of 3 nights free of dinner also means I have to eat my hubby’s cooking …(hopefully he didn’t read that 🙂 ) He is an okay cook… but gluten-free is defiantly still a challenge for him. This weeks shopping trip was fun because I asked him to plan what he has going to cook and he would have to make sure we could afford it. So he was grabbing things off the shelf all i pretty much had to do was push the cart! it was awesome! 🙂

The reason I work so hard ❤



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