Gluten free with kids

Starting your kids off on a gluten free diet? … it is a scary world. I will share some tips I have learned that I hope will help. (I am not an expert these are just tips that helped me, feel free to share your tips)

If only one of your kids is gluten free make sure they have similar foods. If one of your children loves a cereal bar (like my son loves the ones with the fruit in the center) try to find an alternative your GF child will love (my daughter likes the rice cereal bars).

Explain to your kids why that can’t eat it. I tell me daughter that gluten is hurting her tummy and that has gluten (when she was 2 we just said owie tummy, now I explain it to her). I also now give her some choice, if she really wants something I will tell her that it has gluten and that she can eat it but it may hurt her tummy. She once chose to eat gluten (ritz cracker) and she was stuck in the bathroom all night. I felt bad but I know if I keep saying no she will just sneek the food and that isnt healthy. She has not chose to eat gluten since. Letting her have more say makes her feel better about being deniyed some foods.

Birthday parties! These are the hardest because there is always cake. Once again you or your child can decided wither a once in a while thing is okay. My daughter has such a violent reaction I try to think ahead. I make about 5-6 chocolate cup cakes (from a mix). You can freeze them if you want. I bring these to the party, and a few extras just in case other children are in the same boat. I make sure to talk to my daughter. I tell her that there will be cake that has gluten. This way there is no suprise and melt down later. If she knows that she cant eat it and I have brought her an alternative.

Make the new food fun. I have cut my daughters food into shapes. (this works with all food for toddlers)

Play dates. I make sure to send my daughter with snacks. I do not expect other parents to follow her diet plan. It is easier now that she is old enough to understand what is going on.

Challanges. There will be quiet a few, but if your child is sick when the eat these foods it is worth it! Just remember that it is worth it! Family, I do hope that your families will be supportive, mine was not. Most were very sceptical of it. I still struggle with it a bit. I find the best way to help family to understand is to educate them on it. The main thing that this diet is healthy (just as healthy as a glutionous diet). Friends, as I mentioned I send my kids with food. I do this for the convience of the parent and saefty for the child. Though some people are offended you dont what your child to eat their food. It helps to explain why they are sent with food. As with everything communication is key. School… well I havent quiet got there yet. My daughter is in preschool and they arng her on are amazing with keeping her on track.

Yes I put in alot of time, effort, and planning (not to mention LOVE) into her  (and my) diet but it is so worth it in the end. She is healthy and happy and finally 30 pounds! (she is almost four).

❤ my baby girl



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