I wish I could attach smells to this post!

These were sooo tasty!

Slow cooked beef short ribs:

sort ribs

bbq sauce

dash of soy sauce

When I froze the short ribs I placed a ton of bbq sauce with them so they were pre marinated. I then thawed them in the fridge. I added everything to the slow cooker and a little waster to cover the ribs.

Place on high for an hour then on low for 4-5 hours

be very careful taking them out of the slow cooker because they are now very tender.

you can re-use the sauce in the slowcooker by adding cornstarch or just use more bbq sauce. I was out of bbq sauce so I used what was in the slow cooker and it was sooo good!

Place ribs on a baking sheet and broil each side for 2 min.

add sauce and place back in the oven. ( i had oven on 400 but you can broil just keep a close eye on it)


So what goes well with bbq ribs?


this is easy!

First roast some garlic. cut the top of, place upside down and bake in oven on 300 until garlic is soft

Add to mashed potatoes (I like using a electric hand mixer makes them creamy)

top with RIBS!!!



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