Steak N’ eggs benny

Now doesnt that sound good? This was made by the hubby’s request. I have to admit I used a GF dairy free instant holindaze sauce. I have no idea how to make a holindaze, one day I will try 🙂

eggs (2 per person)

minute steak (1 per person)

GF english muffins (1 per person)

1 holindaze  sauce packet

Eggs benny is pretty simple!

Fry a minute streak to your tastes.

Poach 2 eggs (full pot of water with a little vinegar, break in eggs, I never time them but its a few minutes, scoop them out).

place steak on top of english muffin, then place the egg on top of the steak and cover in sauce! I also steamed some cauliflower and asparagus and poured sauce on that too!


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