A new idea

Not everyone has a gluten-free way to thicken their gravy. This is an idea that will also add some veggies to you meal.

When I roast a chicken I place onions and carrots in the bottom add a little liquid and place the chicken on top.

Then I take out the chicken,

take out those veggies and place in a food processor and add dripping until desired consistency

pour over just like gravy, if you don’t like the orange colour use potatoes, parsnips or even purple carrots for a dark gravy.


Chicken salad wraps

My family loves these!!!! great for the busy mom or just busy!

What I like to do is bake up about 5-6 chicken breasts and then cool them and cut them up, then refrigerate. This is great for the quick meals like sandwiches, pasta, mashes potatoes or stir fry.

for this recipe … which I have a few variations.

Start by making the kid friendly one (how much you use is up to your tastes):





chives chopped

carrot grated

Mix all these together and add to a gluten free wrap.

Now for more fun add:

raisins (my hubbies request)

red onion

either top with red pepper or chop and mix in.

You can be creative and add what ever you like to this, lettuce, spinach, snap peas for crunch, celery or cheese. I only had red pepper but I normally would load this up with veggies.

Perfect filling lunch that only took a few minutes to assemble and very few dishes!!