Happy birthday son!

My son has turned 2! its hard to believe that he is two! my beautiful baby boy born 9lbs and 21 inches at home surrounded by loved ones 🙂

My little Nathan in ultrasound

brother and sister they were both so tiny!

my lil cutie!

My son on his first birthday

on his second birthday

My husband working hard on his present 🙂

he loved it!


Something to share

My husband wanted to share this.

to quote my husband “You have seen a grape tomato right… but have you seen the new tomato grape”

he thought there was something funky going on with this one and wouldn’t let us eat it.

For my daughter

My daughter is thin and tall, it is really hard to find her nighties the arms are always long and too short in the body. It is also almost impossible to find them these days. My daughter loves them! So I decided to make her one and she picked the fabric. I did not use a pattern so it isnt perfect but I am pretty proud of myself! took me about 2 hours and she was able to wear it to bed.

It’s a little longer than I had intended but she loves it 🙂

New projects

I got myself a sewing machine and so far I am loving it! I decided to make the kids felt food to go with their new play kitchen:

My first thing eggs and bacon!

My next thing is to make play sandwiches!

I made this part 2!

My second play kitchen!

Isn’t this pretty?? this is a old microwave stand that when my husband was a teenager used to hold his TV.

Now its a great play kitchen!

The kids Love this kitchen! … but this isn’t the one that they are keeping… that post coming soon! Just doing the finishing touches tonight.

Helping in the kitchen

My daughter is almost four! Its hard to believe she has gotten so big. My daughter has always loved to be a helper and loved to  cook and bake. She is a an age now that she can almost make deserts by herself! I have always let the kids help in the kitchen. Obviously they can’t use the stove, oven or use any knives. I found with my kids the more responsibility I gave them the better they are. They help me clean and cook. Sure it doesnt get done perfectly but that’s not what matters!

My daughter just loved putting the jelly in the muffins

Projects :)

I saw this great site on how to turn old furnature into a play kitchen. I decided I really wanted to try this!… well if I am going to do one I may as well do 3! Here is the first of the three:

Chai syrup!

The recipe come from my cousin who writes . Great blog you must check out!

This is my weakness! I love Chai but it is so expensive. This recipe makes Chai very affordable! http://venisonfordinner.com/2012/02/23/a-little-present-for-your-morning-afternoon-or-quiet-time/

Happy birthday hubby!

This post is dedicated to my husband Gavin! He is 26 today!

Can you see where my kids get their expressions ? 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNY!!!

Lilly’s first desserts!

My landlords girlfriend gave  my daughter a NO bake cook book. Of course my daughter couldn’t wait to get started! I went away for 3 days (It was amazing!!) so I left my hubby with the book and the ingredients. I thought it would be a great daddy daughter activity. She made her first cheese cake (from what I heard it was tasty!) she also made a peanut butter, chocolate, marshmallow bar.

She was so proud of herself!

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