Chicken salad wraps

My family loves these!!!! great for the busy mom or just busy!

What I like to do is bake up about 5-6 chicken breasts and then cool them and cut them up, then refrigerate. This is great for the quick meals like sandwiches, pasta, mashes potatoes or stir fry.

for this recipe … which I have a few variations.

Start by making the kid friendly one (how much you use is up to your tastes):





chives chopped

carrot grated

Mix all these together and add to a gluten free wrap.

Now for more fun add:

raisins (my hubbies request)

red onion

either top with red pepper or chop and mix in.

You can be creative and add what ever you like to this, lettuce, spinach, snap peas for crunch, celery or cheese. I only had red pepper but I normally would load this up with veggies.

Perfect filling lunch that only took a few minutes to assemble and very few dishes!!


Quinoa spinach salad

This is an amazing salad! and yes it will fill you up!!!

When I made the salad shown in the picture I was missing a few of my usual ingredients but it was still very good!!

1/2 cup cooked quinoa (red or regular)

about 1/2 -1 cup of spinach

a few grapes (for colour I would usually use red)

some feta (i used goat feta)

walnuts chopped (I used almonds because I didnt have walnuts)

red onion

some home made salad dressing



Great grains!

Tried of rice, and potatoes…. Try quinoa!

Here it is:

The quinoa on the left is red quinoa and the one on the right is regular quinoa.

Quinoa is a great grain because it is pretty much a super food! It has several vitamins and minerals and a ton of protein! Great for the gluten free vegetarian. The important thing to remember about quinoa is to rinse very well before cooking it to remove that bitter taste most people cannot stand!

Quinoa has many uses, I use it instead of rice, quinoa salad or in salad (recipe to come) you can also make quinoa burgers.

You can buy quinoa in packages on in bulk, you can also buy quinoa flour and flakes.

To make quinoa:

the measurement is the same as rice, for example 1 cup of quinoa to 2 cups water.

Rinse your quinoa very well under cold water

bring water and quinoa to a boil then cover and simmer for 15 minutes.

When it is done you will notice what looks like little whites strings, this is normal!

you can add butter if you like, though I usually don’t.

Keep things simple!

Having gluten free company?… before you go out and buy all the specialty flours and gluten free  products….. stop for a second, there is no need so spend hundreds of dollars and hours!

Some of the best simple meals out there are gluten free!

for example tonight we had mashed potatoes with frozen veggies and steak… toke me about 20 minutes to make with very few dishes. If your guests are also dairy free just save the potato water and use that instead of milk and butter. Rice is a good one but soy sauce has gluten so be careful of that! Salads are great just be careful of the dressing. Plain roasted, fried, steamed veggies are great gluten-free option. meat with herbs, tofu (read all your packages though), and potatoes or rice are a great way to go with out too much trouble!

For dessert most love fruit salad!

Dont feel like you have to impress gluten-free is hard and a long learning process, keep it simple and you and your guests will be happy 🙂