A new way to have my smoothies!

I tend to have a lot of smoothies. Sometimes I don’t get to have lunch or snacks running after children so these are my go to (add protein powder if I miss lunch completely). My mama mentioned she likes to add spinach. My first thought.. Yuk! but you really do not taste it! he is a smoothy with plum banana and spinach. Too green right, the kids will notice for sure.. Watch my magic trick!

Add blackberries and it turns purple

Now that’s a tasty smoothy!

Serves about 3 :

one banana

3-5 prune plums (frozen)

about 2-3 cups raw spinach

1/2 cup blackberries (frozen)

(optional baby carrots add water and carrots in the beginning, blend then add other ingredients).

My husband said I had ruined a good smoothy when he saw me adding spinach, but he drank 2 glasses 🙂


Yogurt dip

Travelling is always tough with allergies and also trying to keep it healthy! here is my yogurt dip a great partner for your veggies!

1 small container of yogurt (i used goat) PLAIN!

2-3 cloves of garlic finely minced

2 tbsp fresh dill

(optional lemon juice to taste)

mix everything and let set. The longer it sets the stronger the garlic will get. I suggest min of 2 hours best at about 6 or more.


Gluten free Perogies

Are you missing perogies? those yummy, crispy cheese filled pockets of goodness? So was I so I made a HUGE batch!

Before you get scared  off and think that’s too hard, too much work or to complicated. Its so easy, cheap to make and you can make a huge batch and freeze it for convinence later.

The wrap:

2 cups tapioca flour

1/2 rice flour (brown or white)

1/2 cup corn starch

1/2 potato starch

2 1/2 tsp xanthan gum

1 1/4 cup water

1/8 cup olive oil

Filling: (the amounts depend on you taste this is what I used, and keep in mind you dont need much. I like to make about 20 batches of this, one batch of wrap will make 26 perogies and you need about 1-1/2 cups of potato filling)

potatoes  boiled mashed (I made mine half cauliflower for more veggies)

goat cheddar (or nutritional yeast for vegan option)

carmlized onions

(other options chives, bacon)


In a large bowl mix all dry ingredients to gether really well.

In a small bowl mix water and oil, gradually add to flour mixture and work with hands (you may not need all the water). Keep working dough untill and is smooth and stretchy,

Roll out between 2 pieces of wax paper. (this method is used for all GF dough recipes I have found)

Using a cup or jar press into dough to make circles. (Notice where my son stole some..)



Place filling in each circle, fold over and press sides in. Try not to over stuff you will crack the dough.

place on a baking sheet (I suggest on wax paper mine stuck). Place in freezer for about 30 min then into freezer bag.



Making the perogie!!!

If you decided to throw all the perogies in a bag and not freeze them first, they will be a solid mass. Drop it in boiling water and allow so seperate on its own (you’ll notice I didnt do that and 2 of mine broke a little). Then place in a hot frying pan with oil.

I made turkey bacon bits with mushroom and green onion:


Add bacon when perogies are done.

Serve with sour cream (or goat yoghurt in my case) and green onions YUM!!!


Sometime you just gotta

After months of dieting, excersise… I decided it was time for some real food!  🙂

NACHOS! Yum! I love nachos!

Never really followed a recipe but here is one of my favs:

goat cheddar (or reg cheddar)

canned spicy peppers

black olives


green onions

black beans (or ground meat cooked)

tortilla chips

refried beans for dipping

guacamole for dipping


top tortillas with toppings and bake at 300 untill cheese is melted.

My new blender

I have been wanting a new blender for years now. I really wanted a glass blender and I managed to find one brand new for 20$ I was so happy because 20$ was all I had for a new blender. It is only a 4 cup one but that is PERFECT for me! I have a small fridge so this one will actually fit and will fit in my cupboard. What I really need this for is smoothies 🙂

I love smoothies because they are great energy for when I am chasing after toddlers.

I never fallow a recipe for smoothies but here are a few I love:

Prune plum blueberry:

frozen prune plums (I get these in the fall and pit them then freeze them)

blue berries


yoghurt or almond milk

(water is using yoghurt)

I don’t measure I just add what looks right

black berry orange:


orange juice


Chocolate banana:


chocolate almond milk

peach berry:

frozen peaches






No crust quiche and other yummy things

I have had this recipe booked marked for almost a year. I took me a while to make it because it calls for gouda…. which means I have to use goat gouda… YIKES! so expensive but I waited till the store had a specail. it dosent ever go on sale but when the store brings in new stock the need to move old stock, this ment that the cheese was only good for about 6 more days. Not a problem in my house! As a result I saved about 5$ on the cheese. I ultered the amounts , this will serve 4 hungry people or 6 regular people (I have a hubby that can eat 3 plates of food).

No crust quiche:

1 tbsp olive oil for frying

1 large onoin diced

2 bags of spinach (12oz)

8 eggs

about 1 1-1/2 cups grated gouda

salt and pepper to taste

In a frying pan, fry onoins till translucent. Add spinach till wilted

In a bowl wisk eggs, add cheese then mix together. Add the spinach and onoins.

greese a pie plate (I used garlic butter …yum!)



Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes or till lightly browned.

cool slightly

Serve, and enjoy 🙂


Ok you need something to eat with the quiche….

how about Garlic bread?

most of us dont need a recipe but this is what I did.

4 cloves of garlic,

3 tbsp of earth balance

7 slices of gluten free bread

I used my cousins trick, she uses a dutch oven. This is the closest thing I have:

Butter one side of each bread

place in the “dutch oven”.

put the lid on and bake at 350 with the quiche for about 30 minutes



Now one more thing to make it compleate. A greens salad with fresh dressing 🙂 !!!

Cold or warm spinach dip

This dip was originally a cold dip recipe but I decided to take half of the dip and put it in the oven and it was so good! Reminds me of spinach Phylo!

1/2 package of spinach wilted in the microwave.

3 oz of feta

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1/2 cu yoghurt (I used goat)

2 cloves of garlic

In a microwave wilt spinach for 3 minutes, squeeze out all excess moister.

In a food processor add all ingredients and pulse till smooth. let sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Serve raw or bake for 30 minutes. This is sure to be a hit!

Scrambled tofu

If you are like me and have a hard time with ground beef this is a great alternative. Low in cholesterol and saturated fat.

This is suer easy to make!

1 pkg of medium tofu (for this recipe you don’t need a high quality tofu) Rinse tofu well and crumble.

oil to fry

2 tbsp soy sauce

3-4 tbsp nutritional yeast

frozen veggies.

In a hot frying pan add a generous amount of oil. Place crumbled tofu in pan and fry untill golden brown , add soy sauce and yeast. continue to fry until it looks like it does in this photo. Add veggies when the veggies are no longer frozen you are good to go! 🙂

Stuffed zucchini!


The local produce is starting to explode out of the farms!!!! and I love being able to make something local!  Here I made stuffed zucchini and cheese was local ( everything except the you can buy local cheese though just not dairy free cheese). This is also vegan but doesnt have to be.

Stuffed zucchini:

1 large and 2 small 8 ball zucchini or regular zucchini

1 pkg smoked tofu (or ground cooked meat)

1/4 onion

2 cloves garlic

1 carrot

1 very tiny zucchini (from my garden but not necessary)


nutritional yeast (very good for and tasty)

This is a 8 ball zucchini:

I had not heard of it before today but it looked very cool!

Place zucchini in a pot of water and bring to a boil. Boil untill tender

While that is boiling, chopp up all the veggies and tofu. Fry them up. then add some tamari, and nutritional yeast.

Take out the zucchini and slice in half. Hallow out the innards. (place innards in veggie mixture)

Add the filling, top with cheese ( your choice I used a vegan soy free cheese)

bake in oven or grill on the BBQ


This was so satisfying!! and fresh!!! I love eating all types of food. Just because I am a meat eatter doesnt mean I can’t have a vegan dish and it also doesnt mean that it has to taste bad! I encourage you to please try something new you just might be surprised!





Tofu twice baked potato

So I also made this when my father and law came over and he raved about it! LOVED it! So that was at least a clear win!

You could make this completely vegan by using a vegan cheese.

You need: 5-8 small potatoes or about 4 large potatoes

1pkg of light silken tofu


roasted garlic

salt and pepper to taste


bacon to top

your choice of cheese

bake your potatoes at 350 till done. (wrap in foil and poke holes with a fork)

Take tofu out of the package rinse it and pat it dry. Then blend it untill smooth like sour cream

When you potatoes are done and cooled a little cut them in half. Hollow out the potatoes and put insides  in the tofu.

You will need to roast some garlic, one bulb worth. Add this to your potatoes and tofu and blend well. season with salt and pepper.

stuff your potatoes with  the filling and top with cheese.

bake at 350 untill cheese is melted. (sorry forgot to take a final picture) Top with beacon and chives 🙂 yum!

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