Protein bars

Lately I have been eating protein bars after work outs or when I am too busy to eat. I was eating ones with trace amounts of gluten and diary and had a pretty bad reaction, then decided to make them. I couldn’t find a good recipe so I made one up.

Chocolate protein bars:

6 Pitted Dates
1/4 Cup Almond
1/4 cup shredded coconut
1/4 Cup almond flour
1/4 Cup nut butter (almond, tahini, peanut, cashew ect)
1 tbsp honey
2 1/2 protein powder
1/3 cup coco powder
50g Dark Chocolate


Combine all ingredients into a food processor and blend until it reaches a dough consistency

Heat chocolate up on stove until melted pour small amount on the bottom of a pan lined with partchment paper. cool slightly add batter, top will rest of chocolate (option you can add an extra scoop of protien to melted chocolate as well)
cool then cut . I am storing mine in the freezer.